Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

A smartphone is called a smartphone for a reason. It is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a basic feature phone. So, help your smartphone perform to its fullest intended potential by using all that it has to offer. Help it live up to its name. Ignorance is bliss, people say; but if you fail to use your smartphone for what it has been created to do, and only use it for texting and making calls, then you are doing it a great disservice - you have demoted it to a dumbphone! If the smartphone has a heart, it would definitely be hurt, deeply hurt. Because of your ignorance, it is performing below its potential. The smartphone becomes a dumbphone and you (yes, you!) a dummie.

I mean, come on, why did you purchase a smartphone in the first place? Just for texting and making calls??

Just imagine, you know you're brilliant and can contribute more than you already are to the growth and development of your company, but your boss fails to recognize this extra something which you can offer. Wouldn't you be frustrated that you are not given an opportunity to shine? If the smartphone has feelings, it would feel the same too.

Smartphones are built to be intelligent, and designed to be awesome! To help your smartphone do just that, you have to first educate yourself. "Smartphones for Dummies" is a good start!

You might argue that you're restricting the usage of your smartphone (to texting and calls) because the cost of accessing the WWW from the smartphone is just not affordable or simply unreasonable. Well, no more excuses! Do you not know of DiGi? Have you not heard of the DG Smart Plan?? Yes, DiGi can help you! DiGi - always the SMARTER choice - for SMARTPHONES :-)
Ditch your current service provider and choose DiGi!

Help your smartphone help you! To get the most out of your smartphone:
(a) Grab yourself a copy of "Smartphones for Dummies"
(b) Sign up for DG Smart Plan!

I have a confession. I am guilty of not using my smartphone smartly. I've been a total dummie. So, I'm starting now, yes, this very second. What about you? Start today! It's better late than never! Be a SMART smartphone user - with DiGi Smart Plan!
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